Frequently Asked Questions

What does TTM do?

Triple Talent Management is a talent agency that represents and promotes children and adults in the entertainment industry, i.e. we are the actor’s agent. We promote our talent to clients for Film, Television, Commercials, Video, Photographic advertising, Theatre, etc. The client will then decide who they would like to see for an audition. If they select any of our people after that process, we then liaise back and forth between the client and the actor(s) to negotiate contracts, terms, conditions, fees, etc.

Is TTM a reputable agent?

TTM has established an honest and friendly reputation within the industry. TTM is a registered member of the MEAA. (

Who are TTM’s Clients?

We have a range of clients from Australia and Internationally. They include leading casting consultants such as: Barrett Casting, Christine King Casting, Mullinars, Maura Fay Group, Chameleon Casting, 2 Divas, Nickelodeon, Disney, Ben Parkinson Casting, Lynne Ruthven Casting, Opera Australia, Gordon Frost, Faith Martin & Associates, ABC TV, Fremantle Media, Zoo Casting, Echelon Productions, Brainstorm Productions. Just to name a few, plus leading advertising agencies.

Do we accept all children and adults onto our books?

TTM is a very selective talent agency and only represents a small number of people so that we can concentrate our efforts on helping each and every one of them. We only accept talented people that we believe would have a good chance of becoming successful within the industry. Acceptance is by audition / interview only. Auditions are held only when there is a vacancy on our books and is strictly at our discretion.

How many actors do we represent?

TTM only represents approximately 200 very talented actors across all age profiles. Therefore we want our talent working and do our very best to make this happen.

How can I join TTM?

Please submit a recent photograph and resume. If we are interested in meeting you, you will be called in for an interview/audition.

Do I need to have experience or training to be on the TTM books?

All actors represented by TTM must be actively involved in drama and/or singing and dance classes. We like our talent to keep learning and maintain their skills.

How do we promote our actors and get them work?

Representing only a select number of talented actors allows us to focus our energy on proactively promoting each actor. Triple Talent requires professional photos with a make-up artist and a hair stylist. All talent is then uploaded onto the TTM secure website, Showcast (, and Casting Networks. Professional resumes are also produced detailing our talents’ experience, etc. Our website details are given to the Casting professionals for their perusal.

Can we guarantee work?

TTM cannot guarantee work. The entertainment industry is very competitive and, like so many industries, has its quiet times and busy times. When castings/briefs are sent to us, we put forward those actors who are suitable. It is the client who decides who they want to see and who ultimately gets the job – we do not have a say in the final matter. We will not contact you every time we put you up for work but rest assured that we are working very hard for each and every one of you. Being a small and select agency means we have the advantage of promoting you to the best of our ability. No agency can guarantee work.

How much does it cost to join TTM?

There is an annual charge for children to join Triple Talent. You are also required to pay for a Showcast membership and for your professional photo shoot. For our child talent we have an annual photo shoot which includes professional photos with make-up artist and hair stylist, inclusion onto our TTM website and Showcast (, administration costs and resumes. All talent are also required to join Casting Networks which may or may not incur a charge.

Can I be with more than one agency?

No, it is unethical to be with more than one agency. Those people who are represented by TTM are on a signed annual non-refundable agreement.

Do I need a Tax File Number?

Yes. We suggest that all our talent obtain a Tax File number so that only the minimum amount of tax is deducted.

How much will I get paid if I am successful in obtaining work?

All professional work is paid work. Fees vary depending on the role but generally these are in accordance with the award rate. Once the job is completed, TTM will invoice the client, deduct commission and then forward payment to you.

Can I call or email you?

Absolutely. If you have any questions, queries or just want to know how things are going, please contact us as we are always happy to communicate with our talent. We send out a quarterly newsletter to keep everyone updated.

How much commission does the agency take?

11% Television and Film. 11% Theatre. 16.5% Television Commercials. 20% Photographic Campaigns.


Castings can sometimes be at very short notice; therefore you need to be committed to getting to an audition when required. It is important for parents to note this, as it can interfere with school, university and work. We expect everyone on the TTM books to always act and present in a professional manner.


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